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"Nothing is black and white, everything could be perceived in a transition. For me it starts with art and ends with urban Design. Interior Design and architecture are somewhere blurred in between." 

Born on 1984 in Shiraz, Iran, Ardalan Chavosh has been professionally delivering projects in architecture and interior design often dealing with limited resources. His area of interest covers a wide range from painting to interior design and architecture. With a passionate belief that great design can enhance lives and make a difference to those that use and engage with it, he has worked with a diverse range of clients, architects, engineers and Designers internationally. Paying great attention to details is a must in his process of thinking.

Ardalan has studied Architecture in Iran, and has further continued his education in sustainable urban planning and design at KTH university in Stockholm where he got influenced by the minimalistic nordic and in particular Swedish life style and Design.  He has Previously worked with the well-known award winner Iranian architect, Mehrdad Iravanian where he developed abstract and conceptual thinking. In northern Europe he has enjoyed working in diverse and international environments like White Arkitekter and 2karsman. In parallel to his professional design activities, Ardalan Chavosh has been practicing art professionally and holding solo and group art exhibitions. For him illustration and painting are typically mediums of expression.

Having designed and supervised a number of projects between 2013-2018 in Iran, he moved to Austria in 2018  and started working as a designer and architect with Martin Steininger, where he delivered a diverse range of projects from architecture to interior design and product development. In 2021 he started his own company again and since then her has been offering Design and architecture services to international companies as well as to private clients worldwide.

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