LOCATION: Shiraz, Iran


In the creation of CABANA, a residential project with eight units of apartments, a small court yard, and a parking and facility area, everything is designed to details.

"The concept was to design a building which stands in a threshold in between modernity and tradition."

Everything starts from a handmade brick. The building codes including the width and the length of the rooms, the heights, and the final finishing of the floor levels, etc get their dimensional values from a typical neglected handmade brick which has been used for hundreds of years. In other words a standard brick has been considered as a unit of measurement. In total over 23000 hand made bricks have been cut, reshaped and formed the facade. In contrast cast iron sheets have come to play to touch the facade in a modern way.


Cool and freindly

In a warm climate, the use of thick bricks all over the project -as in traditional Persian architecture- has resulted in a high performance of the building when it comes to energy saving. All the windows facing the direct sun are hidden in depth of either a balcony or behind narrow brick blades. In some possible areas the empty holes in the facade also let the building breath naturally while keeping the extra sun rays away. The use of bricks has also made a friendly atmosphere making the people feel immediately at home.