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LOCATION: Shiraz, Iran


CABANA, an exquisite residential project featuring eight meticulously designed apartment units, a charming courtyard, and a thoughtfully crafted parking and facility area, embodies a keen attention to detail at every stage of its creation.

The underlying concept behind CABANA was to conceive a building that gracefully straddles the realms of modernity and tradition, forging a captivating architectural threshold.

The genesis of this vision can be traced back to a single, humble element: the handmade brick. By drawing inspiration from this time-honored building material, the project's design adheres to the dimensional attributes inherent in its form. Building codes, encompassing room dimensions, ceiling heights, and the meticulous execution of floor finishes, derive their measurements from the traditional handmade brick, which has stood the test of time for centuries. As a result, this unassuming brick becomes the fundamental unit of measurement, shaping the entire project.

In an extraordinary display of craftsmanship, over 23,000 handmade bricks have been meticulously cut, reshaped, and artfully arranged to form the facade. A captivating interplay of contrasts emerges as modernity elegantly intersects with tradition. Complementing the brickwork, contemporary cast iron sheets elegantly grace the facade, imbuing it with a touch of modern sophistication. This harmonious fusion of materials evokes a sense of timelessness while embracing contemporary aesthetics.

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