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Farzaneh multifunctional complex

Nov. 2015
in collaboration with Novarchitects and BAO

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The Farzaneh project is an architectural endeavor that seamlessly integrates environmental, economic, and social considerations within a multifunctional complex. Strategically situated along one of Shiraz's prominent urban streets, this project operates across various scales, effectively harmonizing the bustling energy of the highly populated sidewalk with the serene ambiance of the adjacent residential neighborhood.
In its urban context, the project exhibits a remarkable ability to transition and bridge disparate environments, manifesting in the creation of a vibrant urban space on the primary access surface. Additionally, the upper terrace, positioned directly above the connecting bridge between the buildings, further contributes to the establishment of a dynamic spatial experience.
Central to the project's design philosophy is the implementation of a lightweight structural facade, which not only promotes transparency but also enables the incorporation of a triple layer shell. This strategic utilization of the shell serves as a tactful solution to address sustainability challenges and underscores the project's commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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