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Flamm - Vienna

Type of project: commercial / Lounge
location: Vienna, Austria

Designed for Flamm, a fancy old viennese fashion shop at the heart of Vienna.

The targeting group is the wealthy women over 50 who enjoy private shopping. The business has a history of over 70 years with plenty of inspiring stories. Apart from the fancy interior lounge we have designed the cover page of their recently published book written by Dr. Johanna Ertl Flamm. It has been a pleasure for us taking care of their advertisements in the form of graphic design as well. Some are already published on Famous magazines like Rondo.

CABANA - 2014-2018

Type of Project: Residential

Status: Built


In the creation of CABANA, a residential project with eight units of apartments, a small court yard, and a parking and facility area, everything is designed to details.

The concept was to design a building which stands in a threshold in between modernity and tradition.

Everything starts from a handmade brick. The building codes including the width and the length of the rooms, the heights, and the final finishing of the floor levels, etc get their dimensional values from a typical neglected handmade brick which has been used for hundreds of years. In other words a standard brick has been considered as a unit of measurement. In total over 23000 hand made bricks have been cut, reshaped and formed the facade. In contrast cast iron sheets have come to play to touch the facade in a modern way. 

Design and Construction: Ardalan Chavosh, Anahid Chavosh

low res-c.jpg

Farzaneh garden

Type of project: Competition
Multi functional


The project combines environmental, economic and social aspects in one multifunctional complex. Located in one of the main urban streets in Shiraz, Farzaneh project is acting in several scales. In the urban scale it fuses the livelihood and the crowd of the highly populated sidewalk into the silence of the residential neighberhood on the other side of the site. In this transition it suddenly creates an urban space on the main access surface as well as on the upper terrace right above the connecting bridge between the building. The light structural facade supports the idea of transparency and the possibility of implementing a triple layer shell which itself acts as a tactic to tackle issues in regard to sustainability.

Country House

Type of Project: Country house


The premise of the design in this project is the topography, the size and the uncommon geometry of the site itself. Located in the countryside at a rather high part of a steep hill the building has adapted itself to the topography. Considering the limited size of the land the building has maximised its surface in two stories following the existing topography. The lower story with a panoramic view to the landscape serves the living and the kitchen area whereas the upper rectangular prism contains the private zone as well as a good size balcony facing the panoramic view. Due to sustainability issues the upper prism is designed rather solid. At the same time it provides a considerable amount of areas in shadow for the lower glass cube. 

Work: Services
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